Impact Trophy

Edition 2019

The Impact Trophy connects NonProfit Organisations and Corporate Companies through an innovation program where mixed teams need to develop disruptive and sustainable solutions to solve societal challenges

Champions teams from leading companies, composed from 7 to 10 members

Absorbed in a 3-days innovative training program with a cross-corporate contest spirit

With the objective to brainstorm and solve environmental & societal challenges

And to offer the value of an acceleration program to their supported NonProfit Organisations

THEY DID IT! They raised the challenge!

The first edition of the Impact Trophy was an unforgettable and impactful experience for the companies and the NonProfit Organisations!

The Impact Trophy gathered together 70 innovation champions coming from 6 companies using all their competences and creativity to create sustainable solutions and to increase the impact of selected NonProfit Organisations.

This collaborative experimentation was a unique opportunity for those champions to test their innovation capabilities and to acquire new skills and technics that helped them to develop disruptive ideas in a short period of time.

How does the Impact Trophy work ?

Explore & Ideate

Teams work together, with the help of their mentor, to get a deep understanding of the problem they need to solve and identify the targeted users. They start to ideate around first solutions to address the problem.

Build & Validate

Teams test and validate their assumptions with real customers, and start to develop their prototype. Experts-on-demand are available to solve specific challenges or questions they might have during the day.

Pitch & Celebrate

Teams start to prepare their final pitch to present their solutions. A panel of judges working in the area will evaluate their innovation potential, technical feasibility and social impact.

What’s in it for you ?

As a company

  • Offer a new learning opportunity to your employees, using an innovative format based on a “learn-by-doing” approach
  • Develop your employees’ creativity and skills to unlock their intrapreneurship potential
  • Create cohesion between employees who usually work in different silos
  • Get your employees involved into your CSR strategy
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As an employee

  • Boost your favourite NPO and use your professional experience to create positive impact
  • Develop your creativity and skills to be more multi-disciplinary
  • Work with new colleagues you didn’t know before and enable collaboration
  • Learn-by-doing with a hands-on training program
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As an NonProfit Organisations

  • Increase your visibility and your network by connecting with to other NPO’s and corporate.
  • Benefit from corporate resources and competences
  • Accelerate your project and increase your impact
  • Each NPO will receive a donation from Impact Valley of 100 € per team
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In resume Impact Trophy is a collaborative experimentation aiming to:

Get familiar with the reality of the field

Acquire the innovation mindset, skills and knowledge

Unlock organizational capacities to deliver impactful training & innovation

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