The shift has already started. What about you?

It’s a fact: we need to make a radical shift in the way we produce, consume, live and work in order to leave a livable world for the next generation.

Fortunately, many local actors are already working hard to make the future better. They didn’t wait for political reforms or new market incentives. They are already on the field, in the streets, developing creative solutions and paving the way.

What if your company could collaborate with those social innovators?

Discover the IMPACT TROPHY, an impact-driven hackathon focused on climate change and ecological transition.

During 3 days, corporate organisations and social innovators will work together to develop the most innovative and impactful solution in order to address a common issue such as energy saving, waste management, sustainable mobility, recycling, nature conservation, etc.

How does the Impact Trophy work ?

Explore & Ideate

Teams work together with the help of their mentor to get a deep understanding of the problem they need to solve and identify the targeted users. They start to ideate around first solutions to address the problem.

Build & Validate

Teams test and validate their assumptions with real customers and start to develop their prototype. Experts-on-demand are available to solve specific challenges or questions they might have during the day.

Pitch & Celebrate

Teams prepare their final pitch to present their solutions. A panel of judges working in the area evaluates the projects, based on their viability, feasibility, desirability and potential impact.

Who are the social innovators you could partner with?


En tant qu'Entreprise de travail adapté, nous avons la main d'oeuvre pour soutenir des projets de développement...

Benelux Afro Center

Nous travaillons dans le secteur de recyclage et gestion durable des déchets d'équipements électriques et électroniques...


Kazidomi est un eCommerce de produits responsables à moindre prix...

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Why should you participate ?

Sustainable partnerships

  • Connect to an entire ecosystem of environmental changemakers: NGO’s, social startups, civic movements and experts that are already developing relevant solutions.
  • Develop a strong partnership with your preferred Sustainability Partner and create a lasting relationship that can benefit to both of you.
  • Integrate a small group of pioneering companies ready to pave the way towards a sustainable future.


  • Create new innovation opportunities aligned with your business strategy.
  • Foster a culture of innovation by involving your employees.
  • Connect with an ecosystem of social innovations.
  • Discover the hackathon’s model and innovation methodologies/tools.
  • Build innovation capabilities that lead to social and environment impact.

Talent development

  • Attract and motivate talents, giving them an answer in their quest for meaningful jobs.
  • Offer a new learning opportunity to your employees, using an innovative format based on a “learn-by-doing” approach.
  • Create cohesionbetween employees who usually work in different silos.
  • Involve your best talents into your CSR strategy.

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