Impact Trophy

The Impact Trophy organized by Impact Valley brings together Corporate Companies wishing to improve their environmental impact and social innovators active in the ecological transition. Together, they design and build disruptive and sustainable solutions to address a common environmental issue.

Companies and social innovators share their interests, needs and willingness to work on a particular environmental challenge

A matching is made to connect corporate companies with the most relevant social organisations and mixed working teams are formed

During 3 days, all teams are competing to develop an innovative solution able to create the biggest environmental impact

The winner gets support to implement the project and make it visible to the world

A common challenge: Sustainability!

Co-organized with Hu-Bu and Be Planet, this unique hackathon will gather 8 private companies willing to improve their environmental impact and 8 social innovators (NGOs, nonprofit organisations, cooperatives, citizen movements, social startups,..) active in the environmental transition.

Together, they will design and build innovative projects in order to address common issues such as energy saving, waste management, sustainable mobility, recycling, nature conservation, etc.

Ready to take action?

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Select the Sustainability Challenge you would like to address and apply online before April 30, 2019.

MAY 2019

Meet your Sustainability Partner and your team facilitator for an Exploratory Workshop of 3 hours and start the Discovery Phase of your innovation process.

Impact Trophy

During 3 days, go through the entire innovation process and develop a creative solution that will contribute to a more sustainable future.

What’s in it for you ?

As a company

  • Meet different actors that will help you to develop concrete solutions and accelerate your contribution to an environmental challenge that is relevant to your company (CSR strategy)
  • Offer a new learning opportunity to your employees, using an innovative format based on a “learn-by-doing” approach
  • Develop your employees’ creativity and skills to unlock their intrapreneurship potential
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As an employee

  • Get involved into the CSR strategy of your company and use your professional experience to create positive impact
  • Develop your creativity and skills to be more multi-disciplinary
  • Work with new colleagues you didn’t know before and enable collaboration
  • Learn-by-doing with a hands-on training program
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As a social innovator

  • Benefit from corporate resources and competences to accelerate your project and increase your impact
  • Increase your visibility and your network by connecting with other organisations, experts and corporates
  • Develop your creativity and skills and discover new innovative tools
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In resume Impact Trophy is a collaborative experimentation aiming to:

Develop sustainable and innovative projects requiring the intervention of several actors with complementary resources and knowledge

Create links between different actors of the ecosystem by bringing them together around a common objective

Enable knowledge transfer between corporate companies and citizens and/or associations movements, in both directions

They raised the challenge!

"A lot of energy, ideas, discussions for a great outcome. What a team ! Really impactful both on the team and individual levels. We learned a lot and we came out more mature. I'm in for the next one !"

Hugues de Pra
Solutions Sales Specialist Manager at Cisco

"This initiative made me understand the power of collective intelligence. We strengthen the team cohesion and it will benefit all of us in our daily job. I am looking forward to participate to an other Hackathon."

Maxime Marcandella
Consultant at Davidson Consulting

"Innovative techniques, intense three days, challenging objectives, emotional cause, everything mixed in a sustainable way leads to a great experience!"

Megan Buelens
Digital Marketing Consultant Supervisor at Reprise Media Belgium

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